Planning a road trip without breaking the bank

images (5)With such a varied landscape of coastal roads and sea views, mountains, endless forests, great lakes, and rolling countryside, Canada is screaming out to would-be road trippers, regardless of where they live. The Trans-Canada Highway, which links the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and happens to be one of the world’s longest roads, is an adventure in itself, and you can’t underestimate just how much fun it is to be free from it all for a while; seeing the sights you want to see, staying in one place for as long as you like, and careering between A and B, via F, on your own crazy mission.

Budget like crazy

To have it all – and that’s the thing, really, isn’t it? How can you experience such utter freedom without completely bankrupting yourself in the process? Budgeting is a great place to start. Don’t even put a key in your car’s ignition unless you know what you have in the bank, what you’re prepared to spend during your trip, and where every last cent and dollar is going. Have you got an emergency, back up fun – just in case? Even better. Remember, you’ll have gas, food, accommodation, spending money, and permit fees to factor in. Oh, and do you know where you’re headed? It will be impossible to keep costs down if you haven’t already worked out your route and booked accommodation: a little like shopping without a list and blindly filling your trolley with things you don’t need.

Canada is as big as it is beautiful, and there are a number of routes that you may wish to do, each taking in their own twists and turns round some incredible sights. If you’re worried about keeping costs down remember that open spaces are your entertainment, and memories of the open road your keepsakes. Oh, and sleep… you’ll need that to keep your mind on the road, so investigate camping, couch surfing, or youth hostels en route if you don’t want to spend a fortune for forty winks.

Your perfect set of wheels

If you’re going to be spending days, or even weeks, behind the wheel you need to make sure you’ve got a comfortable car to take you where you’re headed. Renting is a popular choice amongst those embarking upon their first road trip, but here’s a tip; buy yourself a car that will last you the duration of your trip and then, if you can’t keep it beyond your vacation, sell it on. Stick with us; buying a car can often work out so much cheaper than renting for long periods, and it’s more convenient too – especially if you’d be tasked with taking it back to the dealership afterwards. Besides, shouldn’t your car feel a part of you during your road trip? If you’re daunted by the task of finding a new car, don’t be. Companies such as Auto Loan Solutions, which are based here in Canada, are dab hands at arranging car finance, helping you to choose from a variety of vehicles, and taking good care of you while you’re on the road. They’ll even pick and drop off your car, offer exchanges on vehicles if you’re not happy, and ensure your road trip is as fun, and convenient as possible, as well as assisting those who may have experience with bad credit car loans in Mississauga, or elsewhere in the country.

There are a few things you need to think about when sorting a car for your travels, though, including insurance and registration fees, any potential car’s maintenance history, and sorting out roadside assistance – just in case. You must also make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy before setting off, to avoid expensive bills along the way, and take advantage of gas reward cards and incentives each time you top up.

Ah, road trippin’. Isn’t that just the ultimate dream? To pack a few belongings in the trunk, jump into your car, and simply… drive? At one time or another it’s pretty likely that we’ve all had that dream; that romanticized view of the world, and you’ll now realize that the dream isn’t as far away as you’d first thought.